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Robert Kipniss: Intaglios 1982-2004

Catalogue Raisonne

Introduction and Documentation by Trudie A. Grace

Essay, "Robert Kipniss In-Between," by Thomas Piche Jr.

Published by Hudson House Press, 2004 


This handsome book won the bronze medal for Artbook of the Year from Foreward magazine. It contains an exhibition history for every one of the139 mezzotint prints in the volume and an illustrated chronology of the artist's life.



Robert Kipniss Intaglios 1982-2004 reproduces 139 intaglio prints, including mezzotints, drypoints, roulette prints, and etchings, some of which are hand-colored by the artist. There is also an exhibition history of each print and an illustrated chronology of the artist's life. 


"Kipniss has typically reduced his forms to their essential shapes, using a wide range of tones both for that purpose and for the creation of light and mood," wrote art historian Trudie A. Grace. "Most of these works are contemplative in mood and evoke an intensely felt experience of solitude."


"Kipniss's studio bears testimony to the protean output of this artist," wrote Thomas Piche Jr., former senior curator at the Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY. He "has constructed, perhaps unawares, a studio setting that presents the psychological density characteristic of his own compositions. The half-lit, shadowy interior of the space allows the artist to move physically in an atmosphere of melting forms and dimmed vision, where he is better able to turn away from the world of appearances for a clearer perception of inner consciousness."