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Paintings and Prints

Statement by the Artist

To printmaking, I bring the best of what I learn drawing and painting: the most satisfying compositions, the better insights, the caught moments of my most intense emotions. These I use as starting points for prints, as if in printmaking a higher, more complicated resolution can be attained, and especially in black and white, a sense of irrefutability...I am most comfortable working with tone to discover form, and with light to find atmosphere. It is this experience of quiet intensity that I explore, sometimes with an edginess that borders on the surreal. Work is, after all, an odyssey, and I have no concern about where it will lead, being content to discover my path as I pursue it."

Excerpt from "Printmaking Experiences: Robert Kipniss Writes About His Work," Printmaking Today, vol. 5, no. 1 (Spring 1996) pp. 8,10


For an overview of Kipniss's enormous amount of work in printmaking, click this link--Syracuse University Art Museum--to view his work in the museum's collection.

"Breezes," 1998
Roulette and drypoint with black and dark green ink 
8 x 8 inches
Ebo Gallery

"Intervention," 2004
Oil on Canvas, 25 x 36 inches

"Green Slope," 2005
Oil on Canvas, 25 x 36 inches

"At the Edge of Town II," 2013
Oil on canvas, 34 x 38 inches
The Old Print Shop

"Landscape w/Seven Trees," 2012
Oil on canvas, 22 x 32 inches
The Old Print Shop

"Interior with Window and Pot," 2005
Oil on canvas, 25 x 36 inches

"Afternoon with Black and Gray Trees," 2005

Oil on canvas, 30 x 40 inches

"Splash III," 2003
Oil on canvas, 28 x 22 inches
Collection of the artist

"Presentation: Trees," 2004
Oil on canvas, 28 x 22 inches

Book Illustrations


Selected Poems of Ranier Marie Rilke 

Ten lithographs by Robert Kipniss

The Limited Editions Club, New York City, 1981


For the Sleepwalkers: Poems by Edward Hirsch

Cover image is a lithograph by Robert Kipniss, "Afternoon Shadows"

Alfred A. Knopf, 1981


Robert Graves: Collected Poems

Cover image is a painting by Robert Kipniss

Doubleday Anchor, New York City, 1966


Poems by Emily Dickinson

Twenty-six drawings by Robert Kipniss

Thomas Y. Crowell, New York City, 1964 

         Notes from a Collector

"Five of your mezzotints and lithographs have been the companions of our solitude and imagination for the past 30 years. The carefully structured landscapes free of human figures offer complexity through simplification in the tradition of Sheeler, Hopper, and Wyeth. Without the distraction of the figure, we see the formality of the given, a gift not tainted by the desire or need to objectify. Your landscapes and buildings are abstract in the best sense, revealing the essence of things. Freed from being representational, they shimmer and vibrate with mystery and wonder. You are an inspiration for any artist. Each time we pass your prints on our walls at home we discover something new. They have enhanced the contemplative serenity of our lives as writers. Thank you for being faithful to your vision in the face of the au courant and commodified."

Joanne Cutting-Gray, Atlanta, GA