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My art eludes words

February 28, 2016

Tags: Art, words

It is an immense challenge to state in words what I try to put into images. I can talk about process and approaches, but the essence of my art eludes words. As a painter my statements are pictorial. I do know my pictures are not intended as decorations. If I must make a statement, my art is a moment of seeing the urgency in beauty, and an attempt to hold and keep something I can have and touch from this transient experience.


Shine is a novella about Americo, a nearly twelve-year-old boy living with his crippled father in a mostly Italian slum in 1942 Queens, an outer part of New York City.
Art Books
Work by the artist in both mediums during his formative years, showing his development from early explorations to the beginning of his mature work.
One hundred and two color images from a half century of the artist's career
How a young self-taught artist made a place for himself of respect and success in a hostile art world.
Museum Publication
A catalog of the show that reopened the New Orleans Museum of Art six months after Hurricane Katrina
Catalog Raisonne - intaglios
A complete listing, image, and exhibition history of every print in this period
Catalog Raisonne--lithographs
Reproductions of 208 color and black-and-white prints from 1967 to 1979

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